How to make a bangle

This is one of the reasons why I love to work in metal. It is to try and form and create something out of a piece of thick strong metal by the use of the force of your arm. 
This is how I made a bangle for my Anatomy Collection.

I usually have an idea that I carry with me for a while. But it always feels better to sketch it out on paper.  
After you measured and cut off how much wire you need you have to anneal the silver to make it softer and workable.

 After that you can bend it around so that the ends meet. 

It takes a couple of rounds of annealing before it gets somewhat round. 

When the ends meet and to make them fit perfectly flat against each other you pierce through the opening. 

 After that you can solder the joints together

And then hammer it into the correct shape on the mandrel 

When it is perfectly round it is time to start filing off all the marks left from forming and soldering. 

 And after a lot of filing and a lot of polishing it is done!