One thing that leads to another            

I am happy that I managed to find a new area of usage for both of my grandmothers' monograms and tea towels. I made the jug in CAD and rapid prototyped it in nylon. The towel becomes the handle with the help of a little knot as well as the tea cosy. And at the same time it displays the proud owner with help of the monogram. 

 Silicone Tea set            

My grandmother

This is my tea set consisting of a teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl. It is metal dressed in a thin layer of squishy silicone. On the teapot the silicone becomes the handle as well as the tea cosy, keeping the tea warm.

The inspiration was my grandmother. I wanted to make something that felt nice and comfortable to hold, like a hug from a soft, warm grandmother. The lid is kept in place with the help of a key, which makes you think about your home and family. 

Udder milk jug            

I like cows and udders. And I like to build models more than drawing. One thing leads to another all the time when you are free to explore and create and it almost always feels that it happens in your subconscious.

Silver jug            

I wanted to try make the metal look soft, not by using other materials, such as silicone, but by working with the form and surface of the silver. Inspired by mothers I found the most organic form I could think of: the womb. It also looks like a pregnant women or a proud little duck.
The shape of the object changed and developed by itself while I was making it, difficult and rewarding at the same time. 

 Pass the salt, please            

Silver bowls pierced in strips. Resting nicely on the table, almost like a flower with its petals but when you lift it up it becomes a bowl again. 

Conception Collection            

How to make a bangle