Mesh Collection            

A collection of powerful pieces. The sheer weight of the silver keep the piece in place. The inspiration came from my great grandmother's crochets and how one pattern creates an additional pattern with the help of the spaces between the links.

Homesickness Collection            

These maps are all saw pierced out by hand to create different places of the world that people miss. For most people it will only look like something abstract but for the wearer who have all the memories, friends and family connected to that special place it becomes very meaningful. 

Caspian Sea Cufflinks

Denmark Cufflinks

Hong Kong Island Cufflinks

NSW with burr mark on Sydney, cufflinks

Ireland with burr mark on Dublin

Hong Kong Island, Gold pendant

Hong Kong Island Bracelet

Hong Kong Island pendant

Skåne pendant

Australia pendant

Norway pendant


France, Gold and ruby set on Paris

Kowloon bracelet

France, Gold and ruby for Paris

Lantau Bracelet

Conception Collection            

This Collection is a group of silver jewellery dedicated to all of those that just had or are expecting a baby. This collection is a celebration of life.

Anatomy Collection            

A series of chunky rings and bangles that follows the shape of the body. The rings have indents on the outside so you can fit in the neighbouring fingers. And the bangles has indents on the inside to make room for the wrist

Anatomy Collection